Booking Policy, Terms & Conditions

Applicable to all Alive Stores

Booking and Time Duration to Complete the Booking

All purchases from will refer the customer’s current purchase price. Customer can make a reservation even the date of the event is far from over to get the latest offer price. Design work and printing process will only run after the customer completes the required information.

All purchases from will be processed based on the following time duration:

  • Digital Product
    Ready to use

  • First Draft Process
    A minimum of three (3) days, up to 10 days after the customer completes the information at AliveHQ System.

  • Printing Process
    Minimum of 10, Maximum 20 days after customer provides print confirmation. (Duration does not include delivery process)

All days above exclude Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays. The time span of the process depends on the current load from drafter and also printing turn and type of product. will complete the process up to the maximum day listed and will not exceed the maximum day of the process. Customer can request for URGENT order with an additional 20% off the purchase price. Duration for urgent products are as stated in title PROCEDURE “RUSH ORDER”. (refer no. 12)

Alive Invite Digital Product

Digital product of AliveInvite subject to the following basic terms:

  1. It needs to be prepared by customer through the dashboard, any problems can be referred to AliveInvite Helpdesk support.
  2. This product is subject to technological links from Google Map, Waze and Instagram. It is subjected to the terms and conditions and also updates to the current technology. If customers facing problems related to the owner of the link technology, it is beyond the realm of solution from and may not be resolved in the near future.
  3. If the customer’s location is not accessible by Waze or Google Map, customers are advised not to use this product or may use the product without a map function to the location.
  4. This product will be active for 1 year from the date it is first used. reserves the right to deactivate a customer’s digital product after a period of 1 year without notice to the customer.
  5. This product will continue through the update process constantly working to ensure it meets the latest technology needs and to provide a better visual experience for users. All products purchased before the updates will automatically receive the updates.
  6. Customers are advised to click ‘LIVE PREVIEW’, test the sample and understand the functionality of this digital product before purchasing. No refunds will be given if the customer does not accept the use of this product after purchase.

Booking Confirmation and Printing Policy

After every booking, will do the design process and get the customer’s confirmation. Printing process will only be done after receiving the final confirmation from the customer. The design and verification process will be done using AliveHQ system only.

Customers will be assisted by a dedicated Client Support to facilitate this process. Verification via other mediums such as email or WhatsApp will not be accepted. Customers will receive SMS links for design and print validation. shall not be liable for any misspellings or other matters after confirmation of the print. In the event that the information provided is not properly placed by the drafter in the final printing product, we will carry out the process using this procedure and the customer is responsible for final verification to ensure that all information entered is correct.

Our Client Support will always advise customers to verify and read all the information before providing verification to prevent any errors in the customer’s print product.

Printing Quality and Color uses digital printers and offsets to produce all output products of Color inconsistencies will occur in every print. The range of color inconsistencies in the final product print of is 5% -10% of the color in the print sample. The color through a computer monitor or screen is different from the actual color of the print because of the different color formats. Color on-screen cannot be a comparison measure in determining color range differences. The final cut quality will also have a ‘standard’ print error range of +/- 5mm.

Product Changes, Quantities and Packages Before Printing Process

Customers can convert a product or package to a new package or product and make changes to the value, specification and quantity before entering the printing process. No cash back is allowed, but customers can exchange the value with additional purchases of other products. Each package and product conversion will cost RM20.

Each purchase is for one design type and each printed card quantity will share the same info and information. Printing two different information in one booking is not allowed. 

Return and Changes of After Reception

If the customer is not satisfied with the item purchased, the customer can notify through the Helpdesk or Client Support within three (3) days after receive and return of the goods within seven (7) days after receipt (the goods must be packaged back in the original pack as upon received).

Every product that is returned or requested to be changed must be completely submitted to reserves the right not to replace or replace products that fail to fully return. No conversion or replacement will be made with the evidence provided. Product shipping costs will not be insured by

Product Out of Stock

While we will make every effort to ensure the adequacy of stock of existing products, problems of stock running out may occur. If this happens, the customer will be notified via email or text message. If the customer does not want to wait until the stock is available, the customer can cancel the customer’s order and a full refund will be made. If we do not accept cancellation of customer orders prior to shipment, we will assume that the customer has agreed to late delivery. If we are unable to deliver the goods within 30 days, the customer’s order will be automatically canceled and a refund will be made. If some items from the customer’s order have been canceled, the refund will be made based on the type of canceled item only.


Payment can be made in full amount. Personalizing cards and other order processes will be done after payment made.


It has been our priority to make sure the products sent to customers are in good conditions. All delivery in West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) will be done through a preferred courier. All deliveries will be charged based on weights and locations accordance to current rates. Complete orders will estimate to arrive by customers within 1-3 working days. All customers will be informed by a message (SMS) when their products are being delivered.

Customers will be charged in West Malaysia when doing orders through website We also are able to courier to Sabah & Sarawak with extra charges. These charges are made manually before order processes start. Please do not hesiste to click on this link to view Charges to Sabah & Sarawak.

Order Cancellation and Deposit Returns

Order Cancellation is applicable if the products are not yet printed and charges will be made. Below are the cost made on any order cancellation:

  1. Order cancellation before drafting process is done @ Charges RM10.00
  2. Order cancellation after designing process is done but requires alot of amendments @ Charges 10% from original order value
  3. Order cancellation during amendment process @ Charges 20% from original order value
  4. Cancellation after all printing process is done @ No returns / Full charges applicable
  5. Full amount without charges will be returned to customers only if fails to accomplish orders within the timeline of process in our Order Policy & Schedule Alive.Wedding

Design Changes from Original Designs and Custom-made Designs

All designs in are rightful owners to designers. is a platform to promote designers and their designs and will be given royalties. All designs submitted are permanent and are not changeable in terms of characters and elements. The font and layout for printed cards can be chosen from the choice of font and layout given.

Customers can request to do personalization or Custom Design. Below are the summary:
  1. Customers who buy Digital Card only and wish to Custom Design, will be charged for Custom Design @ RM100.00
    However, the designs will not be published publicly in our Customer’s Inspiration.
  2. Customers who buy Digital Card with Printed Cards with other items, will NOT be charged for Custom Design. However, if customers wish not to publish the design online in Customer’s Inspiration, customers can pay RM100 to disable the design online.

All will be followed with our procedures made by, for full information please click this link: Custom Design FAQ. Even though it’s customade, all designs made are still subjected to the font type and our standard layout made by

All products bought will be given royalties to original designers. Royalties are given automatically when customers do the payments in Customers are advised to choose your desired design before making any payment. Customers cannot change any design after choosing a certain design or will be charged 10% from original value as we need to align royalties to the new designer. However, NO charges will be made if customers still wish to change the designs, only from the same designers. Please contact our Helpdesk  for design-changing and inquiries.

'Rush Order' Policy offers Urgent Order Policy to customers who wish to speed up personalization and product making. However, the Urgent Order Policy is dependent on the condition of production and current burdens deserves to reject any Urgent Order from customers when in high burdens. Urgent Orders will be charged 20% from original order values.

Urgent Orders will be followed with the following timeline:

  • First Draft Process
    Two(2) days after customers complete their informations in AliveHQ System.

  • Printing Process
    Five(5) days after customers confirm printing.

(These periods do not include shipping processes and does not include Holidays and Weekends)

Advertising AliveInvite Branding

All selling price for products are included to advertising the branding. The logo printing of Aliveinvite on all products made by are standardized to advertising the brand Customers who wish to not allowing to advertise our logo on the products bought can pay additional charges of 20% from full amount values/product orders.

Company Social Responsibilty

All promotions advertised are based on the ‘CSR’ of the company to help loosen the burden cost of all human being’s wedding budgets. It is our priority that will ensure to give the best value in the market.